Meet Our Teachers



Is the Founder, Director, Head teacher and Award winning Choreographer Of Mwendo Dance Co. She has danced for over 23 years.  Teaching and choreographing for  over 14 year, only starting at the age of 16 years old. Tamu has always been artistic and a mover. She first started her technique training  in ballet.  She then also explored and trained in the world of West African and Caribbean/Folk Dance. Traveling the world with Tc3, a performing arts company.  She also attended Rosedale Height School for the Arts studying Dance and Art. She later graduated from OCAD U, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her goal is to create a space and studio where dancers can feel welcomed but excel in the art of dance, technique and as well as performance. Many of her students have gone on to explore dance outside of her studio,  being accepted into art schools as well as appearing in music videos, festivals and concerts. Some of her Specialties include but are not limited to dance technique, Afro-carib, Contemporary.  She cannot wait for you to experience the motions of Mwendo and all it has to offer your dancer and their family.


Also known as Miss Tk, started dancing at the age of three years old and fell in love with the art form immediately. Being able to witness the beauty, passion, strength and expression that goes into the art form. Experiencing that for herself, is why she went into dance education. Her goal was and is to share that same feeling with the younger upcoming generations. 

Tk has been dancing for over 20 years and in that time has trained in many styles such as Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Acro and Caribbean dance just to name a few. Tk specialties are Jazz, Contemporary, and Acro techniques. 

She attended Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, majoring in dance, then became a dance captain for her school’s traveling dance and performing company. After Graduating from Rosedale, she furthered her education by attending and graduating from the George Brown Performance Dance Program.

Treshonna is currently an active participant in the dance industry where she is choreographing, dancing and  performing . You can catch her in music videos, performing at festivals and protests. Tk also owns her own dance company called CurvyQueens Co where she teaches adult heels and Caribbean classes. 

She is extremely excited to use the knowledge that she has acquired over the years to teach and motivate our students. 

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Is one half of Mwendo Dance Co hiphop teachers collective whom have been dancing together for the past 10 years. Dashawn has danced his entire life. At the age of 10 he trained as a competitive dancer. Doing Hiphop, tap, basic and jazz. As he grew as a dancer he focused predominantly on Hiphop. Partaking in his schools dance teams and freestyling. He is currently blessed to be active in the media/dance industry as a dancer, actor and model. Having many opportunity to share his art with his students, as well as on television series, commercials, video shoots, and festivals. With a dance history that has spanned over two decades, his dance has never faltered. It has been a blessing and a gift that keeps on giving. He is honoured to share this gift and love of dance in his everyday life and with his students . 


Is the second half of Mwendo Dance Co hiphop teachers Collective. Cameron is a Hiphop Choreographer specializing in popping, waving, tuting, krumping and freestyling. Competing in dance competitions with “Royal T”. When your not seeing Cameron modelling or on fashion ads you can be sure to find him freestyling (which he has loved for over 10years) on social media. Cameron is an active industry dancer and actor appearing on commercials and videos. He lives for teaching his students the freedom and expression of dance and what it can bring. He looks forward to helping your dancers fall and continue to fall in love with the art of self expression and dance.



Is the newest addition to the Mwendo faculty, but is far from new to dance or Mwendo. She has danced for the past 13 years. Recently becoming a graduate dancer at Mwendo Dance Co. Nation is an award wining competitive dancer who is known for her passion, musicality, story telling and performance as well as a young choreographer. She specializes in West African, Contemporary, Caribbean/folk, Acro and Hiphop and Reggae. Aside from her training with Mwendo Dance Co, Nation is a graduate of Wexford Collegiate school for the arts. She was a part of the Sr performance dance, Glee club and Musical theatre. Within the last few years Nation has stepped into the dance industry dancing in music and dance concept videos. She is a perfect fit to the Tinyz dance classes, exhibiting her nurturing nature, passion and love of dance.She can not wait to ensure your dancers have a wonderful year of dance learning and making amazing memories .